Sunday, April 30, 2006

Three more new pieces in progress

I have another three pieces that are ready to stain. First is another dance object, which was probably suspended from the ceiling. I will actually mount these little sea mammals on a larger disk - about 10" accross. I made this first one, then finished the animals, and found they are too crowded. There are a family of three beluga whales, a ringed seal, two walrus heads, and one fish (cod or salmon?). The biggest piece is 3.5" long, the smallest are the walrus heads, which are 1.5" high, and about 1" accross. The original piece this is modeled after was quite large - several feet accross. The circle they all rest on represents the ocean. The rim will be circled with five feathers, radiating out.

Below is a "Shaman Mask". He has doors on his tummy that open to reveal a face hidden behind. This figure is unusal, in that it does not depict the duality of male/female. The face behind the doors is male (grinning) and goggled, which may represent the snow goggles the Eskimos wore to prevent snow blindness when out hunting on the ice and snow. The insides of the arms and legs will be studded with 'teeth', another shamanistic symbol, used to represent the magical ability of a shaman to transform. In the act of transformation, it was thought you could see the insides (bones and guts) of a shaman.

Finally, this is a "Two-Faced Mask". It is also shamanistic, and represents the dual nature (male/female) of man - female visage on the bottom, male above. . The 'tail' or appendage on the head will be studded with teeth, and have to hoops with dangling appendages that would make noise when a dancer moved. This piece measures 20" high and 3.5" accross.

I have started yet another mask, which isn't far enough along to photograph yet. That, and another 2-3 I have planned should put me in the home stretch! I am off every Friday in May, so I have to get cracking and get these all finished!


Blogger Elise Tomlinson said...

These are continuing to look AWESOME! I particularly love the two-faced mask and what it represents. I can't wait to see them sure to take photos of them on display at the gallery!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

E: Thanks! I took photos last night of the last 4 I finished last weekend - there was still lots of daylight left. But when I loaded the pics onto my computer, they were blurry!! Arrgh. We are guessing not enough light. I used my digital camera, the same set-up I used for the other photos. Same spot in my house, tripod, same settings. It took me about 1 hour to set everything up, etc. - so I will try again - but it's looking cloudier today, so there may be less light than yesterday. So aggravating!

I am quite pleased with the way they have all turned out. I have 14 all together - and 2 more that are 'in progress'. My sister is stopping by this Thursday night on her way to Hawaii, so she'll get to see the whole gang. My partner is going to take a photo of me sitting in front of the wall where they are all hanging, which I'll post when we do it. I hope to get some pics of them in the gallery - but I won't be in Bozeman till more than a week after the show opens.

5:11 PM  

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