Monday, January 23, 2006

Artistic Energy

So I just today found out about a fantastic opportunity, right in my own back yard (well, in Port Townsend). It is an event called Artfest 2006, and it is a 3-day schedule of artist workshops. There are tons of cool classes to choose from. The one I most wanted to take is all full - taught by Michael De Meng. But another cool mixed-media artist still has open sessions - Keith Lo Bue. Of course the hardest part is deciding whether I can afford to go or not. I blew my art income in October on a new digital camera. And to register for the choices I want, I have to pay in full. It would just be a fantastic way to recharge my creative batteries, learn some new techniques, and meet some new creative people. I know the longer I hesitate, the less likely I'll get to take my first choice workshops. But hey! If you are in the Seattle area, or close enough to drive - do check out the website! I've only been drooling over the Pratt Art Institute catalogs every semester! I gotta take the plunge!


Blogger anasalwa said...

go for it jackie. I'm thinking of taking intermediate drawing workshop in spring.

2:09 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Anasalwa: that should be fun! I used to take art and writing classes at the community college in Kodiak. But these days, between a long work day and 2 hour commute (1 hour each way), I don't seem to have energy or time for classes. It is inspiring to take even just a workshop. I know I had fun teaching one last spring in Montana. This 3-day Artfest is a good deal - they have housing and meals that you can include, and the total cost is about $550.

9:27 AM  

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