Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Art and Food

I am definitely a sensual person. I enjoy the colors, aromas, and texture of food - and of course, the taste. All day, I had been dreaming of a salad - from a recipe I read in a magazine at the pharmacy a couple of weeks ago. It was young mixed greens, with glazed walnuts, apples, a walnut-berry vinaigrette, and crumbled chevre. During my lunch break today, I went to PikePlace Farmer's Market - just up the block from my office - in search of the right cheese. There's an Italian grocery store with deli that uses a creamy goat cheese on their salad - it has the light texture of cream cheese, and is very mild. But the cheese monger was all out of that particular cheese! So this evening, I made do with a light supper of mixed baby greens, sharp Irish cheddar, toasted pine-nuts, onion, apple, and raspberry vinaigrette, accompanied by roasted Yukon gold potato wedges with garlic.

The Pike Place Market is a feast for the senses. The link above shows the Market at night. It never looks empty like that in the daytime! There are buskers everywhere - singing, making balloon animals, doing magic tricks. The open-air stalls sell everything from mini-donuts to fresh fruits and veggies, fish, roast cashews, honey, art and craftwork. (Here's another link to the Market.)

I started a new group of art work last week. It was originally going to be a series for our bedroom - which so far, is the least-completed feeling room of our home. The theme is love - symbolized by hearts, of course. But after my first two pieces were started, my partner decided they should have more color, and be in a different medium. So I worked all day Sunday on a paper collage piece with gauche - and that met her approval. Now I just have to work on the rest of the series! The other two mixed-media pieces that I began I will hang at the co-op gallery in February - appropriately. It also happens to be the 'vertical show' - which means you can hang as many pieces as you can fit vertically in the alloted space. I'll try to post some photos of the works in progress soon.


Anonymous marja-leena said...

If you read food blogs, here's a great one by a Seattle girl that I enjoy: She ahs mentioned Pike's on many occasions.

Great to read that about your creative pursuits - I look forward to your photos!

2:35 PM  
Blogger anasalwa said...

the kind of market I like to hang out. with plenty of roasted cashewnuts, I can't stay away from it if I were in Seattle.

2:16 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Anasalwa: yes - there are all kinds of goodies to tempt the appetite :}

9:23 AM  

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