Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brief Update

While I was on vacation the first week of September, I completed another mask for the commission. The piece below is the 'Seal Inhua' - unfinished. This mask is dry-fitted together. When it's stained it will be white (it represents a hair seal), with black and a little bit of red. The original mask was surrounded with a white caribou fur ruff. Lacking access to caribou fur, I will replace the ruff with a 'ruff' of white feathers. This mask is about10" long and about 5" wide.

The crack that runs diagonally across the piece is inherent to the cottonwood bark - it is actually the grooves in the front side of the bark that I carved down to. I thought about filling the crack with putty, but the piece isn't unstable - I did insert a dowel through the underside of the crack. The oil stain should also seal the wood and keep it from checking - I've never had problems with the bark doing that. The only other option is to make a new seal.

On vacation, I also completed a partner doll for my friend Rebeca's Baba Yaga. This is Pavel. I finished his clothes last Sunday, and he has now gone to his new home, where he is keeping Baba Yaga company. Pavel is dressed in a Cossack costume, with a green tunic and trim that match Baba Yaga's outfit. I'll have to go visit Rebeca again to take a photo of the two together!


Anonymous Olivia Kroth said...

ruffles of feathers
surrounding the round-faced mask
of Seal Inhua

Hello Jackie,
I found your blog through Marja-Leena and wrote a haiku for your new mask.


12:09 AM  
Blogger Jackie said...

Olivia: thank you for the lovely haiku! When I was a young girl, my mother took my twin brother & me to live in Hawaii for a year. We attended the local elementary school in Waikiki, where one of the subjects was 'culture'. We had a section on writing haiku, which I enjoyed very much!

I see that you are a writer of mysteries...one of my favorite genres. I'm an avid reader - though the last mystery novel I read was a series of "The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency" books.

I loved your blog entry on your current book. In Hawaii, my brother and I visited the zoo weekly - sometimes several times a week (it was free to enter). I used to take my sketch book and sit in front of different animal pens. My favorite part was the petting zoo, with it's miniature goats.

Thank you for visiting!

10:12 PM  

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