Thursday, July 20, 2006

Antony Gormley

Wikipedia had this as a header article today: it's about the installation art of Antony Gormley. I am fascinated by figurative art, especially when it's on display in public places, such as this. Gormley's figures have an eerie quality to them - especially the iron men covered in barnacles!

I recommend going to the link provided, Gormley's Flash website with more great photos of his other works:

Even if I 'm taking a break (pretty much) from making my own art - I still enjoy looking at the work of others - whether it's in a gallery or from my armchair over the Web!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Beautiful Weavings

An article in today's Seattle Times Life & Arts section caught my eye. It's about ikat weavings that are on display at 2 local stores. I love ikat fabric, and am going to try to catch this exhibit after work tonight. I wish I had some money right now to buy some with! Check out the article:
I'll post more later if I get there before the store closes!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Phots from Montana Workshop

The workshop was Sat. & Sun., July 1 & 2. It was a blast! We had six students - all women. As last year, everyone turned out fantastic work! It is so energizing to be around a group of creative people, and in such beautiful surroundings. The Bear Canyon School of Art & Craft is up in Bear Canyon, surrounded by rustling cottonwoods and mixed brush. There are also shrub alder, redbud dogwood, and other native plants, and a stream rushing by a few hundred feet from the school. We had respite from the 85 degree temps in Bozeman up in the canyon, and enjoyed light thunder showers both days.

Below is the group shot on our second day of the workshop. I'm on the right in the plaid shirt. Everyone is holding their pieces.

I've posted the photos from my Montana workshop on my Flickr photo album. Check them out here:
I'll post later about my trip to Yellowstone on Friday, and upload those pics to Flickr as well. It was a great trip, and full of activity. I had a memorable time - and now it's back to work tomorrow!

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