Friday, January 26, 2007

Where has January Gone?

Hey - it's been forever since my last post. But work has been crazy busy lately, and my home life has been hectic too. I have had time to work on some new art though! I made another painting for my sweetie - this one's for Valentines Day. I call it "Heart On Fire"; it is gouache on Bristol board, and is 10"x10".

I started another painting - intending it to be a birthday gift for my son. I had a clayboard panel that I bought at Christmas time at Daniel Smith. I was itching to see how it would handle the gouache - and was sorely disappointed. The newest painting is a dragon - but the clayboard didn't absorb the gouache like paper does. When the first coat dried, and I wanted to apply subsequent coats to make the colors more intense, the first coat just got wet and moved around the board. So I finally had to apply a third coat of acrylic paint over the under coat. The colors turned out to be a good match, though I'm having to mix my own orange and purple - but I had a basic set of acrylics, at least. I really like how the gouache handles on the Bristol board, and the colors get so intense. The matte finish of the watercolor appeals to me more than glossy acrylics. But I guess I can apply a matte medium varnish when I'm done with the painting.

Other news on the art front: I didn't get the TACO proposal. Oh well - I would probably be in a state of panic if I had to fulfill my proposal. I only hope the work they picked is better than the work that was on display last fall when we went to visit! I'm sure other things will come along. And there's always Montana this summer!

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