Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Hey - I didn't realize it's been a month since I posted! I have been busy, doing a bit of travelling recently - last weekend - to my nephew's wedding in Albuquerque.

I have made a couple versions of a Baba Yaga doll out of driftwood sticks and roots, and a chair for her to sit on. We have gone beachcombing, done yardwork, all the usual summer activities here in the Pacific NW.

This is the Baba Yaga doll I made for my sister on the left, next to her 'little big'sister on the right. The smaller one is the one I made to go with the hut, in the background.

And this is a bigger Baba Yaga doll that I made for my friend Rebecca. All of the dolls have a chair made to fit them. Also, as you can see, the littlest Baba has a skirt, blouse and apron, which the other two will soon have. This is a typical Russian Peasant style outfit. They are all poseable, with wire joints. The two larger dolls were made with driftwood gathered at Camano Island Beach Park. We went there last month after travelling to the Camano Is. Arts Festival -it was gorgeous weather, and a beautiful park!

Here I am, at Camano Is. Beach, modelling my Montana Peak hat I bought in Bozeman in June. There was some great driftwood here, but there was even more wood at the south end of the park!

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