Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mermaids and Mobiles

I started making mobiles a couple of years ago. This February, the agency I work for moved our offices to a new building. I brought in a simple mobile of copper and stainless steel wire, glass beads and beach glass to hang in the cubicle I share. My boss liked it and commissioned me to make a mobile for her daughter's 12th birthday. I suggested a mermaid theme - and she brought in some beach glass from Heather's collection. Here are two views of the finished mermaid mobile:

The mermaid is sculpted out of anodized aluminum wire I bought at Daiso, the Japanese 'dollar' store. Her scales are woven copper wire, strung with glass beads. The mermaid's face, seahorse and fish are cut from recycled tin containers and painted with model spray paint. The other pieces are stainless steel wire, glass beads, beach glass and shells.

I made an earlier mobile with a celestial theme for my friend's baby, Ethan - but won't post a photo until Ethan gets the mobile - don't want to spoil the surprise!

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