Sunday, December 03, 2006

Birthday Painting

My honey's birthday was Friday, Dec. 1. This year, instead of a card, I decided to make a painting for her, that we can frame and keep. Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist murals and Tangkas, I used gouache watercolors for this original piece. I call it: The First Sunrise. I finished the painting around midnight Friday. It's 8.5 " x 11", on bristol board.

Saturday, we attended a memorial service for our dear friend John Flunker. He lived a full life (87 years), and he was a wonderful person - full of life, always of good cheer, and ready to dispense advice or tell fascinating stories from his life working as a merchant marine. Your ship has set sail on its final voyage, John. Rest peacefully, dear friend.

After the repast, on our way home, we stopped at Daniel Smith art supply store, and I bought a gessoed panel, to do my next Tibetan-inspired painting! I also bought some more safety-cut 'linoleum' for my holiday cards. I've been working on those this weekend. It's been a tradition for me to make my own block-printed cards (well, for the last three years, at least). I cannot reveal this year's designs until they are mailed off to family and friends. But I'll scan in the designs from past years, and try to post those this week. Hint: they are definitely not traditional holiday cards, but they are from a tradition in my past.

It is so good to be thawed out after our frozen snow last week turned roads into ice-skating rinks. Well - at least I got a snow day out of it!

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